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Escondido Times-Advocate - September 29, 2016

Robroy Fawcett is one of five candidates for the office of Escondido treasurer. His motto is “Elect Robroy ‘open’ Fawcett and the information will pour out of City Hall!” With a slogan like that, it’s obvious that transparency is one of Fawcett’s ideals.

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Robroy's Candidate Statement

As City Treasurer, I will be readily accessible to the public, and eager to address your concerns. I have lived in Escondido for over 20 years, and I have worked here for 17 years owning my own business as an Attorney. Additionally, I have volunteered in youth organizations. My family has been greatly blessed by our community, and I am very grateful.

The City Treasurer is responsible for safeguarding the City's money and public funds, and monitoring bond and assessment district administration. I will carefully invest the City's surplus funds, giving priority to safety first, liquidity second, and yield last. As a persistent open government advocate, I will use the latest cost-effective technology to inform the public of the City's investments, funds, and accounts.

I believe the City Treasurer's salary is too high (like all of the management salaries at City Hall). In 1984, voters tied the City Treasurer's salary to one-half of the salary of a City Hall department head. Since then, salaries have increased substantially. Notoriously, City Hall salaries jumped even as private sector salaries and jobs lagged, and desirable municipal functions were cut or scaled back.

I am asking for your vote on November 8, 2016.

Robroy Fawcett's Candidate Statement - City of Escondido (pdf)

Brief Biography

Robroy Fawcett is a Patent Attorney representing clients ranging from entrepreneurs to prominent technology companies. In addition to his law degree, Robroy has undergraduate degrees in Electronic Engineering and in Physics. Robroy worked as an Electronic Engineer for 4 years and, growing up, worked in his mom's small business, Fawcett Tax Service in San Bernardino.

Robroy married Jane Moraes in 1986, and moved his young family to Escondido in 1996. His three children attended local public schools, and his family has been greatly blessed by our community. Robroy has served in several volunteer church positions, and in youth organizations such as Cub Scouts.

Robroy has been a persistent open government advocate, and his comments about civic matters and the City Treasurer's position inspired his daughter, Michelle, to run in 2012. She was edged out by a mere 27 votes. (Last March, Michelle became the mother of his beautiful granddaughter.)

Robroy is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese having lived in Argentina as a missionary, and in Brazil as a student at the University of Sao Paulo.

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